There is a crisis recently  in the liturgy of the CHURCH, where the present POPE  “FRANCIS’’ presents a doctrine which is against the words of CHRIST, concerning communion, divorce and re-married husbands and wives.

There are Cardinals, like MULLER and KASPER who are AGAINST each other and are following two different ideas on abortion, divorce, marriage and the family.  This is what SISTER AGNES SASAGAWA SAID IN HER (6) STATEMENTS ON THE chastisement in the “MESSAGE OF AKITA”.  Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are on the road to Perdition—on the road to HELL.   Cardinals will be AGAINST Cardinals, Bishops will be AGAINST Bishops and Priests will be AGAINST Priests.   And people are following these misguided religious.


For decades, the LGBT movement has pushed for the acceptance of homosexuality saying that no one can impose his or her morality on another person.  That marriage between two men or two women should be acceptable.  However, GOD said to NOAH and MOSES,” BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLYOTHERWISE THERE WOULD BE NO LIFE ON EARTH.  Sadly, there is no better way to ELIMINATE LIFE on earth than to advocate abortion and homosexuality.

The parents (both mother and father) are the building block of the FAMILY, the FAMILY   then becomes the cornerstone of the neighborhood; the neighborhood then becomes the HEART of the town, city, state and nation.  The well-being of SOCIETY RESTS, on the WELLNESS OF THE FAMILY.   As Cardinal FRANCIS ARINZE said, “when the FAMILY IS IN GOOD HEALTH—SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, RELIGIOUSLY AND OTHERWISE--there is HOPE FOR SOCIETY.  And when the FAMILY IS SICK, --- ALL PARTS OF SOCIETY are in trouble”.   Today the FAMILY is in decay because of divorce, homosexuality and other   selfish reasons.

The Devil knows that the religious and priests who fall away from their vocation, drag many souls into HELL.  Even Jacinta said that in HELL there are many heads of priests on the ground floor of HELL.  That is when Lucia told her; you are not to say that because it is part of the “SECRET of FATIMA” and   even when she spoke of the Pope being stoned.    

Jacinta, along with Francisco and Lucia saw the vision of HELL, and that is why Our Lady told them the prayer that we say in the rosary.  “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our SINS, save us from the FIRES of HELL and lead all souls to Heaven especially those most in need of thy MERCY.”   And this seven (7) year old child (Jacinta) said that prayer every day while she was alive for those most in need of HIS MERCY.

The religious, very seldom speak of SIN any more.  Few speak of abortion, because the highest judicial court in the land has made abortion legal.  Hillary Clinton wrote that abortion is “sacrosanct” and non-negotiable for Democrats.  Even though it is categorically wrong to take a life based on the laws of GOD.

WHAT THEN MUST WE DO TO SAVE US FROM ETERNAL DAMNATION?     Sister Lucia says we should NOT wait for an appeal to the world to come from ROME or the POPE, nor the Bishops in the diocese or Priests.  Today there are no PROPHETS likes JONAH who saved NINEVEH, to save us from everlasting punishment.    WE must come up with the answer OURSELVES.  So how do we do this?

Eternal Father, you offered us the body, blood, soul, and divinity of your dearly beloved “”SON”” (OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST), in atonement for OUR SINS and the SINS of the whole world.  For the sake of HIS sorrowful passion as he picked-up the CROSS on HIS way to the crucifixion,   may WE pick-up OUR CROSS in atonement for OUR SINS and follow HIM.

Every Priest during the Mass when he recites the EUCHARISTIC  PRAYER and he reaches the Mystery of Faith, he should say the  most  memorable  ACCLAMATION , which is LORD by your CROSS AND RESURRECTION you have set us free, you are the SAVIOR of the world.   Even in my web site——I said, nothing speaks of SACRIFICE like the CROSS.  Also,  Our LORD  said,  time and again, pick-up your CROSS and follow me. 

 That is why I like Sister Maria Vittoria Angelini who said, many years ago, “One OUNCE of the CROSS is worth more than a MILLION POUNDS of prayer.  That one day of CRUCIFIXION  is  worth  more  than  a  hundred (100) years of any other exercises, and it is worth more to remain ONE MOMENT upon the CROSS, than to taste the delights of PARADISE.”

St.  Peter says the LORD LEFT US THIS EXAMPLE FOR US TO FOLLOW.     We must deny ourselves—pick-up OUR CROSS, Like the Lord suffered on the cross for OUR SINS to show us the way to HEAVEN.     This we must do, in order to dwell in the house of the LORD.   Ask any person what CROSS they carry and MOST will NOT admit to carrying a CROSS.

All people have CROSSES and some of the CROSSES are heavy.  We have sown in the hearts of our children corruption, greed, avarice, vanity, materialism, humanism, modernism and the loss of morals.  SIN has become a way of life.  CHARITY  has grown cold in the hearts of most,--- only  a  FEW  will be saved.  Therefore,  WE MUST   examine  OUR  soul/consciousness  to  find the SINS  that are in us.  Everyone has SINS ,---   (ACKNOWLEDGE THEM)---then   pick- up your CROSS  and follow HIM.