Now is the time to give an explanation for the failure of the GREAT MIRACLE that was to happen on the 13th of April 2017, and to make a prediction about the WARNING. Starting in 2007, I gave talks on Garabandal at St. Thomas More Church Hall in Dalzell, Illinois. My wife said I should put it on the computer and on 1 January 2012 my web site— began. Because I’m a novice on the computer I paid Connecting Point for my web site so people could read what I wrote.

Years ago in 1997, Father Richard Foley made these stipulation on Garabandal.  They were--- that the Miracle will take place in Garabandal at 8:30 p. m. on a ‘’Thursday’’, falling between the 8th and the 16th of March April or May. Moreover, the date will coincide not only with the Feast of a Eucharistic martyr, but also with an important event in the Church.

I figured that an important event of the church would be EASTER, because Christ instituted the EUCHARIST ON HOLY THURSDAY. I was given the Easter dates from, my daughter, so I then predicted the great event based on the dates between the 8th and 16th of the month as I quoted in my web site.

April 13th (HOLY THURSDAY) of this year (2017), became a point to rally around because it agreed with the OCTOBER 13th dates of FATIMA (WHEN THE Sun danced) and AKITA (the six chastisement statements).

Also it will be 100 years from 1917-2017 that the POPES delayed in consecrating Russia to the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY. Similar to the problems the 100 years the kings of France delayed consecrating France to the SACRED HEART OF JESUS.  

Recently, I was given a new revelation that Conchita gave Maria Herrero that the MIRACLE will NOT happen on HOLY THURSDAY, CORPUS CHRISTI OR THE ASCENSION OF JESUS INTO HEAVEN. But on a regular Thursday If I would have known what Conchita told Maria Herrero, I would not have given the importance of HOLY THURSDAY that I stated above, and my web site would have never been printed.

In 1997, Father Richard Foley stated that the GREAT MIRACLE would happen with an important event in the church.   Is a great Ecclesiastic event in the sky, an important even in the church? Or will this be because of an important event that will happen in the church that triggers the event in the sky?   We will have to wait and see what transpires in the church that causes the LORD to act to right the wrongs in the world, that will exist at that time.

Now, I understand Malachi Marten’s comment--- (KEEP YOUR EYES TO THE SKIES) and also Conchita’s statement of a great (ECCLESIASTICAL) event in the skies. It will be a spectacular event that only GOD can administer given HIS control of the Heavenly bodies that are a part of our solar system.  Malachi Marten read the 3rd secret of FATIMA, and said if people only knew what was in the 3rd secret they would “ALL” be on their knees and going to confession.

My web site has been on-going for over five (5) years now, and at a cost which I pay for each year to keep my web site current. You must at least give me credit for having the Intestinal fortitude to put in writing, what I felt was the answer to seeing the GREAT MIRACLE, at that time.    

I’m not a writer for the Garabandal News or the Garabandal Journal where people write their comments without any cost to themselves.   If you look up my web site and click on google analytics you will find that many people (from all over the world) logged on to my web site. I was surprised that people from China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, South Africa and many Muslim counties and many, many people of Catholic countries had FAITH in what I wrote with the understanding that the GREAT MIRACLE would happen on the 13th of April 2017.

Recently, AVISO, (I didn’t know him) called people like me and those who believed that the MIRACLE would happen on the 13th day of this month CLOWNS. I do want to tell AVISO that “given” what was initially stated back in 1997 by Father Richard Foley, it made sense to stipulate the prediction date. All AVISO, has to do is to click on google analytics to find that there were (tens of thousands of people) who believed as I did in my web site.

Again, I’m sorry that my initial web site——failed. My apology would be I was NOT given the information that Conchita gave to Maria Herrero.    I often wonder why Conchita did not send me a comment, because my web site has been around for many years and read by lots and lots of people.

I did send my web site to Joey Lomangino, and Mary Loli’s brother who was an important member of the town council of Garabandal. I even tried to contact Conchita who lived in Long Island New York, but was never able to, by telephone.        

Hopefully, my initial web site did stir up interest in PRAYER and a strong BELIEF in GOD, given the importance of the Garabandal message portrayed by the four (4) children.

Now I’m going to make another prediction and not about the GREAT MIRACLE but about the WARNING. I believe that the WARNING will be the second (2nd) PENTECOST.  The first (1st) PENTECOST dealt with the Apostles who were frightened and lacked the conviction and courage to act on their beliefs. So, in the first (1st) PENTECOST, GOD sent tongues of fire to rest on each of them, and they began to talk in other languages.

Even though they were Galileans they burst into the streets and began to preach the message Jesus said to them, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." Filled with the HOLY SPIRIT “THESE ELEVEN APOSTLES” changed the world to believe in CHRISTIANITY.    

IN THE WARNING GOD will send this (2nd) PENTECOST to “EVERY PERSON ON EARTH” like HE did to the Apostles, telling them the “good” they have “NOT” done and the “evil” things they have done.    To CLEANSE and make PURE all defilement of one’s SOUL.     

Isn’t it strange that 2000 years ago those “ELEVEN APOSTLES” believed in Jesus Christ so much that all but one was martyred-- (St, John). Today, even after reading the bible, that Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, “MANY HAVE LOST FAITH”. Like SHEEP, they have lost “their sense of SIN”, and the belief in CHRISTIANITY and now must return to the SHEPHERD for salvation, or expose themselves to everlasting punishment and the pains of HELL.  

Also, this second (2nd) PENTECOST will be trying to inform “everyone” that if they don’t change, then a great calamity will affect the world. It may be a Nuclear War, that fire will fall from the sky, or other more devastating incidents that could wipe out most of humanity.